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Bonus: Get the Guide to Planning Your Content-First Facebook Funnel

Get Your Content-First Facebook Funnels Guide

  • Learn to generate leads and customers with content
  • Includes two content-first campaign maps to help you get started
  • How to come up with content ideas
  • Video walkthrough of the entire funnel

Bonus: Get the guide to planning your Content First Facebook Funnel

Subscribers to my newsletter will get my Content First Facebook Funnel Guide.

Bonus: Get the guide to planning your Content First Facebook Funnel

Subscribers to my newsletter will get my Content First Facebook Funnel Guide.

Facebook Sales Funnels Webinar Replay

In this webinar Kurt Bullock of the ProduceDept discusses the strategy behind creating funnel based ad campaigns.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Single-Dimension ad campaigns and why you should avoid them
  • Which top-of-funnel ad type converts like crazy
  • How to reach the right people on Facebook
  • New Facebook Custom Audiences available for e-commerce stores

Facebook Audiences We Use To Create Ecom Profits

Facebook has recently improved their custom audiences feature in a significant way. Custom audiences allow you to group people based on their behavior while on your website and most recently, as they engage with your content on Facebook.

Let’s go over some of the most valuable custom audiences for you to be using in your campaigns.

[Podcast] Profitable Facebook Ads And Audiences Decoded

Take a listen to Kurt Bullock of ProduceDept discuss Facebook Ads and Audiences on the latest episode of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast:

“Facebook is giving us more ways than ever to quickly and inexpensively generate custom audiences. As a busy store owner, learning to navigate Facebook’s myriad of advertising options effectively can be a time-consuming endeavor.”

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How To Create Processes That Scale!

As a business owner, you’ve been told to work on your business, not in it. You know processes will help you put this invaluable advice into action, but how do you create the right processes? How do you know your processes are going to benefit your business instead of add one more task to your plate?

Many business owners struggle with this. Let’s dive in and take an in-depth look at how you can design strong processes to help your online business scale successfully.

How to Make Your Work With a Freelance Writer a Success!

Look online and you’ll be overwhelmed by how many freelance writers are available for hire. Some are hungry to work with you, while others have a waiting list. The trick? Finding the perfect one for your voice, brand, and needs.

Don’t risk ending up with a piece of content that you will never actually use. Follow these steps to find and nurture the right person for the job.

Write the Job Description

Not all writers are created equal. Some specialize in a specific niche. Others specialize in a unique writing style. While you start your search, narrow the pool by honing in on the job description.

  • Does the writer need to have specific experience/knowledge?
  • Do you want the writer to add personality to the work? Or take a journalistic approach?
  • What’s your timeline? How quickly do you need the work done?
  • Does the writer need to be in a specific geographic area?

Crafting this job description does two things. It helps you get a better grasp on what you are looking for from your writer and it helps your writer see up front if he’s the right fit for the job.

Want a little extra help making this new relationship a success?

Download this free checklist to keep by your side. It’ll keep you on track so you’re sure you’re always providing your freelance writer with details needed for him to do his best work.

Simplify Content Creation With Google Docs

Have you ever collaborated with your team to create a new piece of content? Chances are, you’ve felt the burden of email overload. Each new version is getting tossed between people to read, review, comment on, suggest edits, and make changes.

There’s a better method to the content creation madness.

Using Google Docs, a free tool, simplifies the writing, editing, and organization process. It frees you up from the burden of sifting through strings of emails and eliminates the risk of losing changes in the document between changes of hands. (at the ProduceDept we use the business version, Google Apps which includes their email offering among other things)

No matter whether you’re the only person creating the content or if you’re collaborating with a team, Google Docs simplifies the creation process 

How We Use Slack (and Why You Should Too)

Slack is a new team-messaging tool with a tagline of, “be less busy.” It’s designed to make collaboration easier and faster – and it doesn’t disappoint!

Slack is so much more than an instant messenger. This single app brings together over 80 apps from all over the Internet into one easy-to-manage dashboard. No more bouncing back and forth between tools. Slack keeps your company’s intelligence in one place for free (unlimited users!)

We love using it and know you will too.